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Electronic Batch Record


Our Electronic Batch Record system makes the automation straightforward and painless to move away from the paper world to digital screens without compromising cGMP and also helps the GDA audits. Its user-friendly and process-oriented design attracts employees to adapt just in days. Errors are avoided and time taking calculations are automated. It makes the manufacturing and QA teams like their jobs.



Forms Conversion
All the batch forms are converted into user-friendly screens with validations and calculations
Can be configured/customized to any business process workflow
Intuitive UI
Quick & Easy navigation between forms, notes and approvals. Extensive training sessions are not required to use the application.
Configuration engine to define sequential and parallel batch forms and also add manual processes through pre-defined forms, etc.
Contextual Notes
Digital post-it notes on every form with contextual notes about the issues and clarifications
Quick Search
Search feature on the whole batch or lot to search for an item or specific notes
Integration with Order Management and Scheduler Systems
Email notifications to configured list



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