CaRemedy: Batch Record System (CBRS)

Our sales team met several of our clients and potential-clients around the country on various road shows in the last 60 days performing demos on our Batch Record software. What we are learning is a revelation for us that effective and inexpensive batch record software don't exist in the market with configurability and customization options tailored for business process workflows serving companies fall under regulations like FDA, GMP, ISO, etc.

Hence we are beginning to strive, with even more resources and R & D initiatives, to service the businesses with process regulatory needs through our pragmatic problem-solving methodologies and subject-matter-experts. 

Our software product offering along with the infrastructure through cloud technology platforms seems to be even more fitting and fulfilling for the businesses that have been hesitating to automate due to lack of dedicated infrastructure, technical maintenance teams and high budgets.

This new insight makes us initiate a marketing campaign which will help us transcend in markets tangential to our currently focused Life Sciences domain.

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Pragmatrix Technology is a software technology and consulting company focusing on Clinical and Biotechnology related Software Products and Services (including FDA regulated) in the United States. We provide turnkey solutions to health care institutions that strive to increase excellence, reliability and decrease inaccuracy. We have a track record in delivering reliable solutions to patient-centric organizations by dedicating reliable resources with healthcare industry intelligence & systems expertise.