Clinical/Customer Order Processing

This is a powerful application streamlining the order and results workflow between a clinical lab/bank that processes/freezes biologic products and its customers through secured online ordering system. It eliminates telephone calls and reduces paperwork providing timely data to the clinicians at Transplant Centers and hospitals. Enhanced automatic email communications to the appropriate stakeholders of the patient. Designed for minimal training and faster access to patient/unit information.

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  • Features
    • Online customer ordering - customizable forms
    • Role-based functions and features
    • Preliminary and Final Results to customer users
    • Automatic email notifications on every order status change - customizable
    • Barcode generation for the patients/units/samples
    • Physician and Scientific directors approvals
    • Multi-facility and mobile compatible
    • Different data views for the Lab/bank and customers
    • PDF reports to print and save in local workstations
    • Regulatory audit trails and logs